Safe & Non-invasive Facelift!

The Gold Needleless Threadlift is the latest technology in Korea for a non-invasive alternative to Threadlifts/Facelifts that is now available at LUSH Aesthetics. 

Many people are willing to endure pain in the name of beauty however, there are some who do not have a high tolerance so the latest Gold Needleless  Threadlift is the perfect solution for those who want a lift without the pain & downtime of the traditional Threadlift treatment. 

• Anti-aging, Anti-oxidant, Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal properties.

• Gold Threads to Tighten and Lift
• Pore Tightening Effect
• Increase Dermis Density and Skin Elasticity after 4 weeks

• Stimulate Collagen Production

• Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines