$53.50 NETT for 1 Session (U.P. $398)
$107 NETT for 2 sessions (U.P. $796)

Singapore's #1 Leading Provider of FAT FREEZING treatments! The non-invasive and non-surgical alternative to Liposuction. Proven Results with FDA-Approved Technology. Get a better view of every angle of your body without having to undergo surgery and achieve long-term permanent results in areas that have resisted all efforts like diets and exercises.  

Fat Freezing improves body contour through the application of cooling plates on desired areas. The plates are pressed against the selected body area for about an hour with minimal to no discomfort. The area is cooled to a temperature that kills fat cells while leaving other tissues (skin, blood vessels and nerves) unharmed.


Fat Freezing uses this science to destroy fatty tissue while putting the body's metabolism to work. Research has shown that cold temperatures can reduce the thickness of the fat layer without having any adverse effects on other types of cells. The body then naturally digests and our immune system will then remove the dead fat cells. 

Effects are visible 2 months after the treatment and will continue to improve up to 6 months.