Helium Activated Plasma Energy for Skin Regeneration

HEALER Plasma Skin Regeneration is a cutting-edge skin regeneration treatment that uses plasma to deliver heat to a targeted treatment area without affecting the surrounding tissues. Resurfaces and regenerates the skin from within with Helium-activated Plasma energy.

The HEALER Plasma Skin Regeneration system converts Helium gas into plasma energy which emerges from the handpiece in controlled pulses causing rapid heating of tissue. The treated photo-damaged layers undergo a controlled thermal modification, creating new life for the skin at its foundation, replacing old damaged collagen and elastin.

Plasma, also known as the 4th state of matter, is generated using inert nitrogen gas and converted into activated ionised gas. At high energy levels, Helium Plasma effectively achieves skin tightening, skin contouring, while at lower energy levels, it is used to treat early signs of ageing such as age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. With its unique thermal energy, it is able to regenerate new skin, replacing old damaged collagen and elastin with controlled precision.*