Fuss-free . Painless . Permanent

Using a patented technology, SHR permanently destroys hair follicles by using low fluence repetitive laser pulses targeting the susceptible hair follicles while at the same time providing concurrent contact cooling, resulting in painless and permanent hair removal. 

The Super Hair Removal's Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) In-Motion Technology represents a breakthrough in patient comfort, speed of procedures and repeatable clinical results. 

The energy from the hand-piece travels harmlessly through the epidermis and dermis until it strikes the hair follicle, which contains a dense, melanin-rich hair shaft and bulb.The coloured melanin absorbs the light and rises quickly in temperature, destroying the hair-producing cells surrounding the follicle.

Unlike IPL salons, our SHR hair removal treatments require only monthly visits due to its enhanced effectiveness which saves up a great amount of time. The SHR Hair Removal technology greatly surpasses the IPL technology and one of the key benefits would be quicker, more effective and suitable for all skin tones!