Permanent LED Hair Removal Solution

The LUCENT BEAM™ is a permanent laser LED hair removal treatment that is exclusively available at LUSH Aesthetics. Developed by manufacturers in Korea, the Lucent Beam™ device uses a proprietary light-based “Pico-Pulse” LED technology that targets melanin and hair follicles directly without harming the surrounding tissue. This light-based “Pico-Pulse” LED technology uses a single wavelength of light that heats up the melanin till the roots are destroyed, causing a permanent removal of hair follicles. Contact cooling of +5 ºC protects the surface of the skin to ensure a comfortable experience for all skin tones. This laser LED hair removal technology skips your skin entirely and zaps away melanin and hair follicles.

LUCENT BEAM™ VS Traditional Hair Removal Treatments

The Lucent Beam™ Treatment focuses on the deliverance of high energy into the skin with a single wavelength of LED light while the traditional hair removal treatments like IPL uses a broad spectrum of light with many wavelengths which leads to unfocused energy thus making it unsuitable for darker skin tones.


A broad spectrum like that of IPL also increases the risk for side effects like burns / pigmentation. In additional, the traditional hair removal methods will require more sessions over a longer duration due to the unfocused energy making it less effective.