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    1x LUSHAesthetics Therapeutic Organic Cleanser (100ml)

    LUSHAESTHETICS Therapeutic Organic Cleanser is formulated to suit all skin types. This skincare staple rebalances oily skin while rehydrating dry skin. Equipped with charcoal beads nano-exfoliation technology, it provides deep cleansing of the skin while delivering long-lasting hydration.


    The 75% Organic Cleanser is a perfectly balanced cleanser that instantly refreshes the skin leaving it clean and glowing.


    Formulated with organic Rose (rosa rugosa) Flower Hydrosol & gentle extracts of Geranium flower - known for rejuvenating the skin while promoting relaxation and mood enhancement.


    Hydrosols are highly pure extracts obtained through steam distillation methods same as essential oils - possessing many of the same therapeutic benefits as essential oils, but are much gentler and have a softer aroma than essential oils.


    Key Benefits of Rose Floral Hydrosol

    • Therapeutic skin healing and recovery
    • Calms and soothes irritated skin
    • Packed with anti-oxidants to combat free radicals
    • Mood enhancement
    • Provides deep hydration and moisture retention
    • Anti-aging effects - reduce appearance of wrinkles


    LUSHAESTHETICS Therapeutic Organic Cleanser serves as a premium detox for your skin, drawing out impurities, leaving skin clean, while preserving the natural oils and the integrity of the skin.

    10 pieces LUSHAesthetics Geranium Mask  (Facial Sheet Mask, each piece is 28g!)

    The LUSH Aesthetics Geranium Organic Therapy Luminous Masque with Geranium features a floral scent with a slight earthy aroma that calms the mind while the skin reaps its beauty benefits. 


    This luxuriously rich yet non-greasy masque adheres like a second-skin that fits the contours of the face to maximise the powerful serum complex filled in each pack. This innovative formula is designed to restore a luminous glow after each use. 




    1x LUSHAesthetics ACNE Cream (30ml)

    • This innovative formula combines ingredients in high concentration that are formulated specifically for those with acne-prone skin.
    • The Acne Cream is designed to purify pores to prevent further outbreak. Packed with antibacterial ingredients to control acne by eliminating the cause of inflammation, while supporting skin cell turnover.
    • Salicylic Acid – reduces the size of pimples and blackheads. A powerful acne-fighting ingredient, which will helps to prevent pimples from forming
    • Aloe Barley - helps to reduce the frequency & appearance of acne, rich source of anti-oxidants and vitamins helps to protect the skin
    • Allantoin menthol – Has anti- inflammatory properties that calm down irritated skin, soothe redness and reduce itching

    1x Dual Action Toner (80ml)

    • Contains the therapeutic scents of Lavender & Helichrysum Essential Oils that gently exfoliates the skin while providing 24/7 hydration for that fresh, bright & radiant glow skin.
    • Alcohol-free formula that gently cleanses skin, refines pores, evens out tone and hydrates skin.
    • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice – helps to reduce the frequency & appearance of acne, rich source of anti-oxidants and vitamins helps to protect the skin
    • Vitamin B5 – Regenerative, healing moisturizing & protective, stabilizes the skin barrier and helps with skin softness and elasticity
    • Vitamin B3 – Minimizes redness, blotchiness, reduces inflammation helps ease redness from eczema, acne and other inflammatory skin conditions


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