The LUSH Skin Rejuvenation Signature Treatment

The RNA + AlmaLASE Laser Treatment at LUSH Aesthetics uses a sodium salt of ribonucleic acid (RNA), a nucleic acid that is present in the body that helps with ageing concerns + brown spots to provide your skin with an overall rejuvenation.

PRP or more commonly known as the Kim Kardashian / Vampire Facial involves a venipuncture (a process of drawing blood) to obtain human blood from the patient to stimulate cell turnover. The citrated blood will then be centrifuged to isolate the platelets which contain high levels of growth factors. The human centrifuged plasma platelets contain RNA which possesses cell regenerating properties.

RNA is an essential component to help the body form proteins which helps with ageing concerns through the down-regulation of elastase. Elastase is the enzyme that is responsible for the breakdown of elastic fibres which reduces the skin’s elasticity and causes wrinkles to form, ergo the deregulation of elastase with the help of RNA results in a more youthful overall appearance.

The RNA Serum is delivered into the dermis with the use of a needle-free Vital Injector based on high velocity induced pressure to ensure that the serum can get absorbed into the skin without being blocked by the stratum corneum (the natural skin barrier). This is then followed by the LUSH Aesthetics’ Signature AlmaLASE Laser Treatment to further enhance the results. The RNA used for this treatment has been specially formulated in laboratories in Korea and has the same anti-ageing and skin regeneration benefits as PRP.