Fat Blasting and Body Contouring

The MedRF treatment is a dual-action treatment which eliminates fat cells and tightens loose skin layers at the same time. It is a comfortable, safe and effective treatment for achieving spot fat reduction, skin tightening and cellulite reduction. There is no downtime associated with the treatment and you will be able to resume routine activities immediately post treatment. You will experience visible results immediately after treatment.

Powered by ThermalLift Monopolar RF Technology, the treatment enables continuous deep heating down to the dermis and beyond which causes emulsification of fat cells, enabling it to be removed naturally through the body's metabolism.


At the same time, the monopolar RF energy heats up the collagen layers deep within the skin which causes deep structures within the skin to immediately tighten while at the same time stimulating production of new collagen.

The MedRF treatment also promotes blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and removal of toxins from the body. It eliminates cellulite bumps and lumps and promotes metabolism of fat cells. The unique monopolar RF technology is carefully calibrated to deliver concentrated heating deep beneath the skin layers, which is essential for fat burning and fat reduction, as opposed to other forms of RF technology (bipolar and tripolar) which works mostly on the surface of the skin.